Randy Shaffer (shafferrandallp@gmail.com)

















This is a personal web site used to communicate, host games, share pictures and to stay in touch


 Steve's Professional Football Pool (SPFP) is an on-line dynamic web page game played over the entire Pro Football season.  www.spfp.us


CCS is an unofficial online version of Cuba Central School's yearbook I have scanned a lot of pictures but I have only built the shell of the web site.  I plan on making it a dynamic web page using PHP and MySQL



I have three web sites to share pictures.  They are all password protected.  Please email me for the password.





I started a lunch time volleyball club at Offutt AFB, NE.  We played at noon on Tuesday and Thursday.  I tried to keep tract of all the participants on this web site.  (Archival use only)  http://www.nevb.us/VB/







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